The green homes of today will become the standard homes of tomorrow
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Since 1976, MAFFCO General Contractors has been a Dallas trendsetter and pioneer in construction. As a Contractor for more than 5000 jobs, MAFFCO utilizes the latest industry techniques and materials to assure a quality project. Matching these aspects with architectural and interior design, we are able to create the desired look for each customer. Energy consumption has become a leading factor in building and MAFFCO is leading the way in GREEN Building. We pride ourselves in our ability to create a look that is exciting as well as efficient.

MAFFCO GC has taken aspects of all areas of construction whether it is Commercial or Residential, to create a unique process which promotes Technology, Design, Functionality. Through this process our customers receive a product which is valuable in look, design and conservation.

Building a custom home is a very exciting and rewarding experience. Our devoted and caring team at MAFFCO Homes has taken this complex process and simplified the many details into an efficient and user friendly system. We can team our customers with many interior designers to assist with colors, finishes, fixtures and features.
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